DESPAIR fantasy film by Bram Knol. в отчаянии фильм 2014 .

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL and I will keep you updated about my projects! Making of: Without any experience I started this project back in 2012 and learned everything along the way. My motivations where to have a better chance at obtaining an interesting internship and off course to make an awesome movie. Heroes die, quests fail and there are no last minute savings. Despair tells the story of a veteran soldier. He returns from another bloody war and finds his home under attack by the Imperial order. His army is battered and exhausted, but they still try everything they can to rescue their families. While it looks surreal the story is a lot less fictional. In real life a sword fight would usually end at the first blow. The actors and on set assistants are all friends and family who never did anything like this before. Almost everything else, including art direction, costumes, direction and visual effects was done by Bram. After a year of long hours and little sleep Despair is finally finished Art direction, costumes, direction, visual effects, editing: Bram Knol Camera work: Nick van den Elzen, Rieks Soepenberg, Joost Kuiper Music and sound: Ivo Pas, Polle Pas

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