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Исполнитель: Celine Dion

Композиция: My Heart Will Go On (Craspore Remix)

Длина песни: 08:14

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-05-05

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Жанр: Dubstep, Ambient


± IC3PEAK - Vacuum ±
± Witch House ±


Their second EP "Vacuum" contains five obsession- worthy eerie compositions, lending a profoundly dark response to the overwhelming internet music domain. From darkwave and experimental to electronic minimalism, IC3PEAK explores the dark and underground scene with a cold and harsh atmosphere. The two remixes made by Russian friends Cream Soda and Summer of Haze bring a 90's retro techno and vapor style to Nastya's mystical voice.

"Vacuum" will be out on STELLAR KINEMATICS on october 6th, followed by their first european tour. IC3PEAK’s live performance main goal is to equalize visual and audio perception, using self-made VJ-ing in order to give spectators a full audiovisual experience.

Behind IC3PEAK are Nick and Nastya - two audiovisual artists based in Moscow. They create not music only but all the visual stuff also (photography, vj-ing, music videos, cover art & merch). Their debut EP which was out via STYLSS is a pure statement of IC3PEAK audiovisual concept in the way it interacts with a listener: the music is a natural synthesis of analog and digital sound, deep bass, icy and sharp vocal and wailing of DIY synth in the background, while the visual part is full of noise and sugary glitch mixed with realistic and smooth minimalism.

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