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Исполнитель: Eminem My Life

Композиция: Куплет Эминема

Длина песни: 01:05

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-05-07

Рейтинг: 0


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Текст песни:

•While you were sipping your own Kool-Aid getting your buzz heavy
•I was in the fucking sheds sharpening my machete
•Sipping on some of that revenge juice, getting my taste buds ready
•To whoop down this spaghetti, or should I say this spaghett-even?
•I think you fucking meatballs keep on just forgetting
•Thought he was finished, motherfucker, it's only the beginning
•He's bugging again, he's straight thugging, fuck who he's offending
•He'll rip your vocal chords out and have them bitches plugged in me
•Motherfucking wall with 3000 volts of electricity
•Now take the other and dump them then pluck him, motherfuckers in each
•One of your eyesockets cause I thought you might finally fucking see
•That'll teach you to go voicing your cocksucking opinion to me
•I done put my blood, my sweat and my tears in this shit

•Fuck letting up, you’re gonna end up regretting you ever betted against me
•Feels like I'mma snap any minute, yeah
•It's happening again, I'm thinking about the same
•Mother fuck everybody that's up in this bitch, but 50
•Cause this is all I know, this is why so hard I go
•I swear to God I put my heart and soul into this more than anybody knows
•I'm trapped, so all I do is rap, but everytime I rap I'm more trapped
•And I rap myself right into this bubble, oh oh, I guess it's bubble wrap
•This is like a vicious cycle, my life's in a crisis
•Christ, how was I supposed to know shit would turn up like it did?
•Feels like I'm going psycho again and I might just blow my lid
•Shit, I almost wish that I would have never made Recovery, kid
•Cause I'm running in circles with


Миллион от Biglion | Eminem | Rap God (Eminem cover)
На этом видео Вы слышите кавер на песню Eminem – Rap God.
Кавер сделан не на всю песню, а лишь на 3 её части:

1. Припев
2. Часть первого куплета
3. А также знаменитое ускорение, которое можно найти в сети как «Eminem – Rap God (speed part short)».

Проголосуйте за эту песню (поставив "лайк") по ссылке:

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Всю жизнь я вдохновляюсь Эминемом. И каждая его песня для меня образец для подражания. Я давно думал, смогу ли переделать песню Эминема так, чтобы этим захотелось поделиться. И этот момент настал, благодаря конкурсу от Biglion «Миллион от Biglion».

В песне описана история того, как я узнал об этом конкурсе. Всё действительно так и случилось. Почти в последний момент я узнал о том, что такой конкурс есть. В экстренном порядке мой выбор пал на переделывание песни «Eminem – Rap God». А дальше упорный труд и помощь моих друзей в записи песни и клипа.

Для того чтобы переделать песню «Eminem – Rap God» я считал количество слогов в оригинале и искал, какие русские слова могли бы их заменить. На это ушло 2 дня.

Но признаюсь, самым сложным было прочитать написанное. Только после записи в студии, я посмотрел видео «Let's Practice! Eminem's Fastest Verse In "Rap God" (Slowed down w/ scrolling lyrics)». И оказалось, что примерно так же я и тренировался. Много-много раз я читал эти куплеты как можно медленнее. А уже потом начала приходить и скорость.

В одном из фрагментов моей переделанной песни Эминема скорость читки достигает 6 слов в секунду.

Съёмки клипа «Миллион от Biglion | Russian "Eminem - Rap God". Is It Real?» проходили в Самаре.

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In this video you will hear a cover of the song Eminem - Rap God.
Cover is not on the whole song, and only 3 of its parts:

1. Chorus
2. Part of the first verse
3. As well as the famous acceleration, which can be found online as «Eminem - Rap God (speed part short)».

All my life I am inspired by Eminem. And each of his song for me a role model. I have long thought if I could redo the song Eminem so that it wanted to share. And this moment has arrived, thanks to competition from Biglion «Million from Biglion».

The song describes the story of how I found out about this competition. Everything really happened. Almost at the last moment I learned that there is such a contest. In a matter of urgency, my choice fell on remaking the song «Eminem - Rap God». And then the hard work and the help of my friends in the recording of the song and the video.

To remake a song «Eminem - Rap God» I counted the number of syllables in the original and sought what Russian word could replace them. It took 2 days.

But I admit, it was the most difficult to read the writing. Only after recording in the studio, I watched the video «Let's Practice! Eminem's Fastest Verse In "Rap God" (Slowed down w / scrolling lyrics) ». It turned out that about as I trained. Many, many times I read these verses as slowly as possible. And only then began to come and speed.

In one of the fragments of my reworked songs Eminem speed readings up to 6 words per second.
Shooting clip "Million from Biglion | Russian" Eminem - Rap God ". Is It Real? »Took place in Samara.


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