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Исполнитель: Fit For Rivals

Композиция: Crash

Длина песни: 02:51

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-02-18

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Текст песни:

Don't know where I'm going.
Everybody's running,everybody's running.
Come back,after all is broken.
Everything is burning, no one is returning.

Step back, step back, everybody step back, step


Fit For Rivals - "Crash" HD
Music video for "Crash" by Fit For Rivals.

Filmed on the RED One Camera System by Black Chalk Productions. ( ) Directed by Gus and Luke Holwerda.

"Crash" is the official theme song for the 2010 WWE "Over the limit" Pay Per View event!

Go buy the album!

Band bio:

Yes, that's a girl singing. Yes, that's the sound of rock and roll, whiskey and cigarettes. Yes, that's the sound of your arm in a bear trap, a jaguar in a top hat and a shark with a baseball bat.


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