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Исполнитель: Francis Lemarque саундтрек к фильму такси-2 шансон 1961г

Композиция: A Paris

Длина песни: 02:49

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-11-16

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Riff Cohen - A Paris - Official Video
The Single "A Paris", available in iTunes France here :
Artist page :
Facebook :
Twitter :

Video Clip Directed by Riff Cohen & Nicolas Benac
The script was Written by Riff Cohen
The chef operator by Claude Garnier
Management Directions while shootings by Jean Pierre Taieb

Vocal and Bass: Riff Cohen
Vocal and percussions: Ravid Kahalani
Drums: Itay Matos
Guitar: Uzi Ramirez
Oud: Alon Amano Kampino

The Text was written by Patricia Cohen
Musical Arrangement by: Riff Cohen & Lenny Ben Basat
Produced by: Riff Cohen & Itai Matos
*Additional mix and mastering by Jean Pierre Taieb for Youtube version only
*Not all the details and credits are written here! More details will be written when the Clip will be shown in public TV.

Thank you.


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