самые популярные рок группы мира

Исполнитель: Хвост феи

Композиция: Мира, Дождия, Эльза. Самые злобные девушки гильдии

Длина песни: 02:25

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-05-01

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Текст песни:

Beat Drop
Simon Curtis

Time to round 'em up
and tell 'em where we're gonna go
If they don't know how to work it
then I'll leave 'em at the door
Gotta make it to the center of the circle
grab my hand
Tell the DJ drop the beat
don't play some motherfuckin' band

Now let it in your body
and the party won't stop
'cause it's seven kinds of naughty
when you let the beat drop.
I told it to you once I said why don't you understand?
Tell the DJ drop the beat,
don't play some motherfuckin' band

So give it to me baby
tell me, what's it gonna be?
Gonna give it to me dirty
out where everyone can see?
'Cause I can't do nothin' with you
if you're never gonna dance
So you'd better find some rhythm
'cause they're playing Bad Romance


Самый смешной момент из Fairy Tail 5 ova (фейр тейл, хвост феи) прикол, смешное, ржач 4:28
Смешной отрывок.


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