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Исполнитель: Make the Girl Dance

Композиция: Baby! Baby! Baby!

Длина песни: 04:04

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-10-05

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Текст песни:

I want to fuck on the commode. I want Tellier on my Ipod.

I want your Mom’s Black Amex. I want your Dad's car.

I want to go out with your mates. I will wear my cutest panties.

I want a hot sex session. You can look but you can’t touch.

I want to be a Justice top friend. Gaspard’s hand on my thigh.

I want to be able to count without my fingers. And I want yours in the right spot.

I don’t want to go up the stairs. That's perfect - you're going to carry me.

I want to be the only person in photos. And I want to model for Laurent.

I want gifted children. And I want my dog to have a degree.

I want your head on a platter. I want mine to be on Denisot.

I don't want any cake. I just want Coke.

I don't want Kate, I want Ethan Hawke.

I want to jump off of a big ladder. Do as you can for the rainbow.

I want chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream. I want your balls to be blueberry flavoured.

I want to dance like Vanessa. I want to see her guy at Ibiza.

I want to be asleep when you wake up. And I want Yelle’s t-shirt.

I want to fit all my jeans. And I want you to come home with your pay check.

I want ice cubes in my glass. I want to smoke dope with your grandma.

I saw your ex - you know she's dumb. Tell her I found her boots.

I don't want a pip in my cherry. I want you to straighten the Tower of Pisa.
I want to cum in a Deux Chevaux. And I'll do it behind your back.


Make The Girl Dance 'Baby Baby Baby'
Make The Girl Dance 'Baby Baby Baby' as featured on the Victoria's Secret commercial "Hello, Bombshell" -


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