фиона и маршал ли

Исполнитель: Маршал Ли и Фиона

Композиция: Good Littlie Girl/Bad Little Boy

Длина песни: 01:05

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-05-11

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Текст песни:

Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.
You know that I'm bad,
But you're spending the night with me.
What... do you want... from my world?
You're a good little girl.

Bad little boy.
That's what you're acting like.
I really don't buy
That you're that kind of guy.
And... if you are...
Why do you want to hang out with me?

Don't you know I'm a villain?
Every night, I'm out killing
Sending everyone running like children?
I know why you're mad at me.
I got demon eyes... and they're looking right through your anatomy,
Into your deepest fears.
Baby, I'm not from here,
I'm from the Nightosphere.
To me, you're clear... transparent.
You've got a thing for me, girl. It's apparent.


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