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Исполнитель: Marx Augustin

Композиция: O du lieber Augustin

Длина песни: 01:32

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-11-07

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Текст песни:

O, du lieber Augustin, Augustin, Augustin,
O, du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin.
Geld ist weg, M


O du Lieber Augustin
This is an Viennese folk song 'O du Lieber Augustin' by anonymous composer. In a legendary, the lyric was written by an Austrian street musician Marx Augustin in 1679. It was populared over 300 years ago. The tune is used to setting on the Nursery Rhyme. Played by Armonico Tributo Austria and directed by Lorenz Duftschmid.


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