саундтрек all for one

Исполнитель: Primal Fear

Композиция: All For One

Длина песни: 07:53

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-03-24

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Текст песни:

Hold back the night my darkest dreams
I'm standing right beside you - enemy
I'll take your fate into this world
And I will follow you into the dawn

I will unbind your chains - release you to reality
The army of the dead - will rise again - alive again

Look into the unknown mirror
See the face that burns the land
Eye to eye with this evil monster - hand in hand
Take your brave heart in a fighting moment
Anger rises everywhere
Lost leaders give us hope and wake up the dead

High spirits and emotions - are coming back to us
The oppression takes too long - we've lost everything
The eyes are turning black - the fighting spirits back
We raise our hands in faith - the day of reckoning

We have a chance
And we're holding back the moment
When the morning comes
The battle will be won

One dream - one heart
We're all for one
We fight for our destiny
One dream - one heart
We're all for one
We're living in our agony
All for one

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Primal Fear - All For One
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