сен келерсын

Исполнитель: Сен Келерсын

Композиция: Санам Ахил

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Qubool Hai - Episode 410 - May 23, 2014
Aahil finally sees Sanam standing in the rain and banging the door. He opens the door immediately and just then Sanam faints. Aahil takes complete care of her. Next morning, Sanam and Aahil get into a fight blaming each other for the previous night's problems. Sanam throws away Aahil's coat and this angers Aahil. He asks her to dry clean the coat and return it to him. He even decides to break the third bottle as she has again failed. Raj comes to Aahil to invite him on his team for the cricket match, but Aahil tells him that he will be playing from Samarth's team and also declares that his team will win the match. Sanam again takes the help of Shazia to dry clean Aahil's coat and Shazia yet again gives her the wrong advice. What will Aahil's reaction be this time?

Qubool Hai is a Muslim Social Drama in the Rom Com zone. It is the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts. It is also the story of Zoya, a girl who starts by hating the culture of hypocrisy in joint families and eventually ends up bringing together the two warring families. The journey of the Khan family is seen through the eyes of our three protagonists; Zoya the young, spunky and progressive NRI, Ayaan the charming boy who falls for every beautiful face and Asad the man with the angst who eventually learns to love.
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