beyonce naughtygirl текст песни

Исполнитель: SerGamE

Композиция: BEYONCE-NaughtyGirl(SerGamE mix)

Длина песни: 04:30

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-10-31

Рейтинг: 0


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$ Beyoncé - Naughty Girl (Victor Calderone & Mac Quayle Club Mix)
You can purchase this track from the following sites:

Mac Quayle is considered to be one of the top House Music Programmers. He has collaborated with the likes of DJs Victor Calderone, Hex Hector, Nikolas & Sibley, and Johnny Rocks. He has produced some solo mixes on his own as well. Along with Hex Hector they formed the partnership known as 'HQ2' which was an infamous brand known for their notoriously high quality remixes. Mac has been hired by the top talent in the music industry creating various Club Mixes / Anthems across a large spectrum of diverse artists. Be sure to check out Mac's playlist on my channel to hear other great mixes he was involved with.

Check out Mac's page on my site:

This track has been released on a Major Label, our focus should be mainly on supporting the Independent dance Labels first. Check out my 'Released (Indie Label)' playlist for a list of tracks that could use our support. The Major labels have multiple revenue sources while several of the Indies rely mainly on the sale of their tracks to be viable. The choice is ultimately up to you.

Thanks for checking out my music video. Be sure to checkout the rest of my videos and comprehensive playlists for more great tracks! And please subscribe to my channel! If you are one of the many people who are wondering where all the new high-quality remixes have gone, then you are not alone. I too have been dismayed by the current state of House music and have a sincere longing for the days when remixes like this were very common.

Back during 1997-2004 the DJs, in collaboration with special music Producers / Engineers / Keyboardists / Programmers(as they are called), churned out all the unbelievable Club Mixes / Anthems we were all used to and that we are still longing for today. Together, both the DJ and their studio crew had a 50 / 50 role in bringing us all this wonderful music. The DJs would secure funding and bring in remix projects for their team in the studio. While the studio crew would utilize their immense knowledge of music creation involving: chords, melodies, song-writing, musical notes etc. All the ingredients to make unforgettable Club Mixes / Anthems. The DJs would also contribute their own input to the sound of the remixes that were produced.

So to that end, the main goal of theMHRproject (The Melodic House Renaissance Project) is to get fans of this music together and collectively fund these talented Producers / Engineers / Keyboardists / Programmers through sites like Kickstarter (we could even possibly just use Paypal or another variant of Kickstarter). This project strives to connect fans directly with those who have the talent to bring back this style of House music. This type of funding is also known as Crowd-Funding. It's high time this music was brought back, it is certainly in need of a Renaissance! If the project is successful we will have a return to the glory days when our favourite style of House music was king! At this stage of the game I feel this is the only way to revive this genre of music. If you want to see this happen we all need to get on-board with this! I have already been in touch with several of the Programmers and they are excited about the possibility of creating new remixes for the fans again. The clincher is they need to be paid in advance before they can deliver new mixes to us. If we can come together as a community we can collectively meet that goal I'm sure!

I will continue posting videos by the most talented DJs / Programmers and hopefully that will help this community grow.

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Also theMHRproject's sister-site: The Melodic House Hub lists the tracks created by these talented Programmers and what DJ's they've worked with in the past:

Please join theMHRproject with me and together we can bring these awesome sounds back to the forefront! Spread the project wherever you can. Provide these links above to your friends, blogs and forums you peruse. Do what you can to make this project a success. The faster we can spread the word about it, the faster these Programmers can get back to work! I cannot do this all on my own, we need to pull together as a community to support the music we love!

Thank you!


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