3d звуки ужасы слушать

Исполнитель: 3D звуки

Композиция: ужасы

Длина песни: 00:45

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-06-02

Рейтинг: 0


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Именно так она звучит в фильме первый раз. (Очищено от прочих звуков.)


Scary Audio Illusion 3D (must use headphones)
A rather disturbing and intriguing professional 3D audio scenario. Be one of the first to hear this, as this scenario, as well as the others on my channel are completely original. Created with Panorama 5 and Mixcraft 6, amon other tools. Viewer Discretion is advised. Although some may find parts of this audio simulation startling, this is not a jump scare, and neither are any of my other videos. Enjoy, like, comment and subscribe!


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