группа 60/18

Исполнитель: Abdul Aziz az-Zahrani

Композиция: Al-Fatiha & 18. Al-Kahf 60-82

Длина песни: 37:44

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18 Surah al Kahf (Full) with Kanzul Iman Urdu Translation Complete Quran
Verses 9 - 26[1] of the chapter tell the story of the People of the Cave (Ashabu Al-Kahf). Some number of young monotheistic men lived in a time where they were persecuted. They fled the city together, and took refuge in a cave where they fell asleep. God caused them to remain sleeping for 300 solar years, or 309 lunar years, and when they woke the surrounding area had become monotheistic as well.Surah al-Kahf also mentions the ruh, or soul/spirit in verse 28

In verses 32 - 44 the surah discusses a Parable of two men, who one of them had been given blessings from God and the other was poor. The rich one wronged his soul and started showing off with his wealth and noble lineage.

And he had fruit, so he said to his companion while he was conversing with him, "I am greater than you in wealth and mightier in [numbers of] men."

At the end of the parable God destroys what he had given the man.The third main story within the chapter (verses 60 - 82[5]) is that of Moses traveling to gain knowledge from another servant of God who is never mentioned by name, but according to the tafsir of ibn Kathir is called Al-Khidr Kanzul Iman is the name of the 1910 Urdu translation of the Qur'an by Ahmad Raza Khan. It was subsequently translated into English by Professor Shah Faridul Haque. Recently, it has been translated into many other regional languages and become popular on the internet.

Kanzul Iman has been translated into the English language by many Islamic scholars.

This task was first of this was published by Professor Fatimi of the University of Kuwait, in Karachi, Pakistan. The second translation was completed by Professor Shah Fareed al Haq of Pakistan[when?] and was published in India and Pakistan. The commentary notes on Kanz al Imaan by Sadr al Faadhil, Mawlana Na'eem al-Din Muradabadi has been translated into the English language by Dr. Professor Majeedullah of Lahore, Pakistan.

Kanzul Imaan has also been translated into the Sindhi language by Mufti Muhammad Raheem Sikandari. In the nation of Mauritius Kanzul Iman has been translated into the Creole language, by the combined effort of Mawlana Mansoor and Mawlana Najeeb both of Mauritius. This translation of the Qur'an was first published on January 17, 1996 under the supervision of Shameem Ashraf Azhari, the khatib (resident Imam) of the Jaame Masjid, Mauritius. He was assisted by many ulema and politicians in this task.

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