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Исполнитель: ДиманЪ & Дэф

Композиция: Битва разума

Длина песни: 04:08

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-09-30

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Def Cut - Bedouin Swag

Booking: [email protected]

With more than 200'000 sold records, various honors and chart placing, Def Cut became one of the most successful Swiss DJs. Since 1993 on large stages, festivals and in clubs world-wide on the way, Def Cut played hundreds of shows all around the world.

Def Cut began his career as a Hip Hop DJ.
Looking at the artwork of his albums, one could think the streets of New York are his home, but in reality Def Cut is from Basel City, Switzerland. He's certainly fit into the Big Apple - after all Def Cut is a well-known name among DJ's from the United States to Japan.

Born in tranquil Basel, nobody could foresee his big reputation two decades later. In 1984, the american motion picture "Beat Street" showed Def Cut his way to the upcoming Music-culrure and from that moment on, Turntablism and producing Music formed the center of his life more and more. Deciding between homework for school or scratching on the wheels of steel is no big deal...

Def Cut samples everything that ain't nailed down and is producing one Track after the other for the heads in the scene. As a result, Def Cut builds his own studio and label in Heidelberg, Germany. He spins the wheels all over Europe and his outstanding scratching-skills are also to be found side by side Smith Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), Beatjunkies and DJ Z-Trip on the "Return of the DJ"-album.


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