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Исполнитель: i-doser музыкальные наркотики CHATFM.RU

Композиция: i-dozer музыкальный наркотик марихуанна

Длина песни: 09:48

Дата появления н сайте: 2014-10-30

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I-Doser Review: Marijuana
Ladies and Gentleman!

Welcome to my I-Doser Review!
"I-Doser" are a variety of different sounds (Binaural Beats) that are made specifically to stimulate your brain so it works the same like when you take drugs. There are different ones, and this time i'm testing Marijuana!

I got to say that I was a little sceptic about this, but it turned out real! It's a very nice experience, and I think everyone should try it! I think it's a mix between a placebo effect and the actual sound. If you go into this experience closed minded and just laugh at it, then who knows if it will work.

Anyways, share your thought, and remember, like this video, and comment if you have any questions. Subscribe for more I-Doser! (Yes I will try more!)

(The food and the juice part where i said it tasted better, i was trolling)



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