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Исполнитель: Муслим Магомаев

Композиция: Лайла

Длина песни: 01:42

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-04-18

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Muslim Magomaev - Delilah & Vladimir Volegov Paintings
Videography by

.. The Russian version of lyrics is completely different from the English one ... Very kind and light poem about organ-grinder`s beautiful daughter Lilah is written by Onegin-Hajikasimov ...

... Famous Azerbaijani Bariton Muslim Magomaev sings in Russian the famous song "Delilah"... Paintings by Contemporary Russian Artist Vladimir Volegov ...

Дочь родилась у шарманщика доброго Карло,
Радостный папа не знал, как ребенка назвать *
И под шарманку
Не уставал он и ночью, и днем напевать:

"Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
Скоро втроем - шарманка, ты и я -
С песенкой этой
Всю землю пешком обойдем!"

Бедная улица, слушая песенку Карло,
Этот нехитрый мотив начала напевать.
И незаметно
Дочку шарманщика Лайлою стали все звать.

Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
И кто умел и даже не умел,
Песенку эту
Насвистывал всюду и пел.

Годы промчались, давно уж нет старого Карло...
Где его дочка, никто вам не сможет сказать...
Но, как и прежде,
Песню о ней продолжают вокруг напевать:

Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
Лай-лай-лай, ди-лай-ла!
Пусть пролетели с той поры года.
Песенке этой
Стареть не дано никогда!

..Muslim Magomaev`s Personal Site........ Magomaev represented one of the most respected artistic dinasties in Azerbaijan...His grandfather Muslim Magomaev , a friend and contemporary of the prominent Azeri composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov , was one of the founders of the Azeri-composed music...Magomaev`s father , Mahammad Magomaev , who died 2 days prior to the defead of Nazy Germany in World War II while serving as a soldier in the Soviet Army , was a gifted scenic designer , his , mother , Aishet Magomaeva , was an actress...Muslim Magomaev finished the piano and composition class of the musical school at Baku Conservatorie , and then graduated from the school`s vocal class... He was 19 when he first performed , at an international youth music festival in Helsinki . In 1962 , at the age of 20 , he first appeared in Moscow where he performed within the frameworks of the Days of Azerbaijan Culture...He sang 2 musical pieces in a gala-concert on the USSR`s main stage , Kremlin Palase , and became a celebrity on a spur of the moment...In 1964-65 he was on probation in the La Scala theatre in Milan , but turned down the invitation to sing in the Moscow Bolshoi Theater upon his return...Instead , the singer turned to popular music , becoming a pop idol in the Soviet Union...He quickly became a cult figure and his albums sold millions... In 1965 and 1969 Magomaev performed in Paris Olympia with great success...In 1969 he received MIDEM Gold Disc Award in Cannes for the album sales of over 4,5 million units... In 1973 , at the age of 31 , Muslim was awarded the Soviet Union`s highest artistic title : People`s Artist of the USSR...Magomaev was also known as a composer , writing several film soundtracks...In 1997 , in recognition of Magomaev`s professional successes , a Russian Astronomical Society named a planetoid of the Solar System , 4980 Magomaev...Magomaev died in 2008 from heart attack...He was buried in the Alley of Honors of Baku , next to his grandfather...


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