Исполнитель: тинти майнкрафт

Композиция: Майнкрафт

Длина песни: 04:16

Дата появления н сайте: 2015-03-20

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If Diamonds and TNT Switched Places - Minecraft
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Diamonds... one of the most precious items in Minecraft, and TNT... one of the most dangerous.What would happen if they were to swap places? It would be pretty fun.
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I don't care what you say, those TNT tools would be fun to play around with

Actors: Nightreaper77, liamheisler, ArcherX12, pop42, MTTheTall, Mikey_MC, purpletennis, daaxe

Special thanks to DinosParkour for helping out with the video :D

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Music is by Kevin Mcleod: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/
Music also from:
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